From the Chair

Dear KM Section members, During the KM Business Meeting I of the 85th IFLA WLIC 2019 in Athens, the newly elected KM Standing Committee members convened to elect the new officers. Before that, Julien Sempéré, Secretary of our Section, had collected the nominations for the positions of the Chair and the Secretary. The results of the elections are: Eva Semertzaki was re-elected as Chair and Spencer Acadia was elected as Secretary for the period 2019-2021. Liz Turner was appoint

Staying Informed about KM - Feedback and Findings

We polled our members on their favorite ways to stay informed about KM news and events, and also what areas they think the Section could work to improve in 2020. Here are a few of their thoughts: How do you get KM News? "Subscribing to a wide variety of push mechanisms such as email. If I have to pull it by specifically visiting a site, it is far less likely I will do so on a regular basis." I like to curate my own "network of KM practitioners and thought leaders, KMWorld web

Knowledge Café - IFLA WLIC Athens 2019 Highlights and Dublin 2020

The 7th Knowledge Café was held at the 2019 WLIC in Athens, Greece. This year’s theme was “Change, Literacy: Digital, Collaborative, Creative.”  This was an interactive session using twelve round tables and facilitators with a number of different topics such as “Developing new communication tools: keeping up with advances in technology”; “How library spaces affect learning”; “Managing staff in tough and uncertain times”; “Developing library leaders of the future”; and “Creati