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Staying Informed about KM - Feedback and Findings

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

We polled our members on their favorite ways to stay informed about KM news and events, and also what areas they think the Section could work to improve in 2020. Here are a few of their thoughts:

How do you get KM News?

  • "Subscribing to a wide variety of push mechanisms such as email. If I have to pull it by specifically visiting a site, it is far less likely I will do so on a regular basis."

  • I like to curate my own "network of KM practitioners and thought leaders, KMWorld website, magazine & conference."

  • Half of all respondents said they rely on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Where can IFLA KM Section improve in 2020?

  • " Continue to be creative in ways we look at knowledge management and sharing this with other colleagues. I loved the program on AI."

  • "I'd like to see some practical strategies for knowledge sharing between libraries worldwide, from local, to regional to national to global. How do we learn better from each other?"

  • "I would like to see more support for school librarians and more ways to collaborate globally with other educators of information science."

To everyone who shared their feedback, we really appreciate the input and can strive to be better at bringing connection opportunities for all of our members. Tell us about your favorite bloggers, Twitter accounts, and other sources so we can share in our next issue!


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