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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Welcome to a fresh start at the beginning of 2020. Traditionally, KM Section has relied on paper newsletters to distribute the updates of our Section and its activities, and broadcast them far and wide, first by postal mail, and later by email. We'd like to follow in the practice of our own profession and move beyond the concept of static, one-way, asynchronous messaging. We'd like to have a conversation and become involved in the community we created, whether online, on social media, at conferences or events, at work, school, or anywhere.

I decided in my incoming year as Information Coordinator to try a new concept, a new medium, and the inclusion of our collective messages from the front lines of our offices and institutions. We all bring to the table not just our practitioner knowledge but also our most helpful subscriptions, research and insights. Then there's the collective wisdom of the mentors and professional role models we stay connected to through our careers. Please see our invitation to share your thoughts and influences to the global KM community.

Whether you are celebrating a career milestone or looking to advance your learning, we hope this is a space where you can see what we are up to, and share a little bit about yourself. Looking forward to what's to come in Dublin this summer and the chance to join everyone in person. We always seem to find the richest collaborative, and deepen our friendship and partnership with each other when face to face.


Elizabeth Turner

Information Coordinator, IFLA Knowledge Management Section

Co-Chair, KM Satellite Meeting in Dublin, 2020

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